Top News Stories of 1975

– General Francisco Franco dies

– Portugal withdraws from Guinea

– Lebanon civil war begins

– Saigon falls to communism

– The Altair, the first home computer is introduced

– Computerized Supermarket checkouts begin to appear

– Disposable razors are introduced

– Catalytic converters are introduced on cars

– Lyme disease first discovered

– First US born Roman Catholic saint

– Jimmy Hoffa disappears

– President Ford assasination attempts

– New York City is bailed out by federal government

– Literacy requirement for voting repelled

– Energy Policy and Coservation Act of 1975

– Metric Conversion Act passed in the US

– Poland treaty allowing immigration to West Germany

– 8,000 ceramic warriors discovered in China

– Mayaguez Incident

– Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

– Founding Of Microsoft

– Patty Hearst Is Arrested By The FBI

– Alaska Pipeline Construction Begins